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Read the followig FAQs about LitCheck. Have more questions? Come talk with us through our interactive chat.

How do you rate the litness?

You can ONLY rate the litness of a venue when you are within a 50 foot range of the venue. You will know when you are close enough to rate the litness when you see the ratings button appear in the bottom right corner of the Home page.

What does a litness score mean?

The litness score takes into account data received from real time ratings from users at the venue as well as other proprietary forms of supplemental data in order to ensure that we display the most accurate and relevant litness ratings as possible.

Why can't I rate the litness at this place?

If you are having trouble rating the litness at a venue make sure you are inside the venue or close to the perimeter of the venue. In the even that you are still having problems please contact us here.

What factors can you rate the litness on?

You can rate the litness of a venue based on your overall enjoyment, the venue's current capacity, music, covid precautions, and any additional comments.

What does it mean if I earn points?

If you earn LitCheck points (LP) you should hold on to them. In our upcoming releases we will begin to unveil our rewards system that will allow you to redeem those points for rewards at any of our partner venues.

Why can't I find this place on the LitCheck app?

If you don't find the venue you are at on our app you can request for us to add that venue here.

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