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Say goodbye to FOMO. LitCheck provides you info in real time. All you have to do is show up and enjoy!


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Tell us what you like and we'll do the rest.

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Guide fellow LitCheckers by rating the litness of venues.

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Earn redeemable points on the app for rewards at partner venues.


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Complete our survey and receive daily recommendations tailored to your ideal night out.


Wanna switch it up? Use our Discover filter to find the exact venue you're looking for.

Getting there

Picked a place? Now you just have to get there. You can easily order an Uber through the LitCheck app.

Litness Reviews

Rate the atmosphere of a venue based on the crowd, music, vibe, and a few other things to help us create a Litness score.

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Our Benefits

Save Time

Go with Confidence! No more spending hours arguing on where to next. No need to worry that you're missing out on some place better.

Save Money

No more bouncing around from place to place because the venues don't have the right vibe. Commit and enjoy!

Rate the Litness

Stay safe with live updates on Covid-19 precautions. We want you to feel comfortable no matter where you are. We provide the info so you can make an informed decision!

Meet our users

"I'm so excited for LitCheck to help me plan my Saturday nights! It's so frustrating to pay for multiple Ubers and spend so much time going from bar to bar trying to find the right place. Now with LitCheck I can find the perfect spot right away. The new update makes it even easier with filters and categories to help me find exactly what I'm looking for instantly. I can't wait for LitCheck to take off and revolutionize nightlife!"


23 years old

"I am looking forward for LitCheck, it would be so convenient to know if there is a big line to the entrance to the club/bar. My friends and I always run into this problem! It's so annoying to waste money on Uber just to see a big line and Uber back home!"


23 years old

"Now that more of my friends have been vaccinated, I am so excited to go out with them. With LitCheck I feel confident that we will discover the coolest bars and have the best time!"


23 years old

"The modern and fun look of the new app is phenomenal. The layout is foolproof and easy to understand. Looks like we're gonna be having a lot of fun after covid jail ends!!"


22 years old

"When the group can't decide where to go that's when I always turn to LitCheck"


24 years old

"Why risk paying money to get to a bar that is dead? Just don't do it."


24 years old

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